Monday, March 19, 2007

Student Teaching

Student teaching is coming to a close. How sad right? It is very sad. I am going to miss these kids. I am also feeling like I may have not made the best out of this experience. Don't get me wrong, it has been a GREAT experience and I am going to miss these kids lots and lots. But looking back there are things I need to do next year to make things go smoother. For example
1. I am having issues seeing the growth in students. I realize I can see their grades but the individual growth in kids I just don't see it. I see the growth of one student but that's about it. I've decided that one thing I need to do is keep a running record of all my students. Take one student a day and focus on them. Focus on their behavior, their test grades, their homework grades and everything. Doing this will help me to focus on individuals and how much they grow between focus days. Maybe that will help... something to try.
2. Another thing I can do to enhance the relationships I have with my students is to have lunch in the classroom. I had so much fun with the girls having lunch in here. The boys went a little wild but if they were eating with me it would be different and at the same time I get to see their personalities.
3. The last thing I am thinking right now is that I want to do writing conferences. Writing conferences are important to keep on track where students are in their spelling and writing in general. Also, very few students read their compositions out loud to see if they sound good.

These three things are important to me as a teacher to be able to know my kids inside and out. I hope to focus on these my first year teaching.

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