Friday, March 09, 2007

An Interesting Twist

This week has had an interesting twist. On Wednesday I had my supervisor watching a lesson, which is a normal thing... not a big deal right? WRONG!!! My supervisory and teacher started talking, apparently I am not living up to my teachers standards when it comes to the kids working independently... or rather not working independently. I'm not cracking the whip as much as she would like me to I guess. So the idea that the two of them came up with was to have me watch and take notes on a lesson that my teacher is going to teach. They originally chose math, but my teacher decided on science.

Apparently my teacher is not good at science. So all morning I have been helping my teacher prep for her lesson. Teaching her the concepts and why everything works the way it does. I am worried that the idea of this lesson will go down the tubes because she has no clue what shes talking about. I really think that the kids are going to have no issues with this lesson and are going to know more than her.

The idea of my not cracking the whip with these kids is totally due to a difference in teaching style. My teacher is all about cracking the whip, making sure they are no task at all times and under her thumb. I am totally not that way. I would rather the kids not talk, but if they are talking it needs to be constructive. The lesson I taught the other day was hectic because we were building compasses and each kid had a different experience and we had to make sure all the kids got it. I realized I need to have some thing for kids to do when they are done, but that's something I am always struggling with. SIDE NOTE (O! Maybe I should do silly stories! Hmm.. I wonder if I can do that this weekend?? We shall see. I need to work on that.. that's such a good idea.) But other than that I think the lesson went well. And I also want kids to experiment with the materials when they are done, most of them are diving into the next lesson without even knowing it!!! Which puts them ahead but sweet...experimenting is fun.

So I guess that side note is my project for this weekend. WOOHO!!!!!

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