Friday, March 16, 2007

Good Days

Today was a GREAT day. I finished my worksample and just got word that its GREAT. I finished my resubmit of an assignment for my class. And on top of that I got to catch up with a great friend.

Today my worksample is offically done. That is such a big relief. I am officially passing my student teaching since that is the only real assignment. Such a relief and a weight off my shoulders.

When it comes to the resubmit. It was because the teacher had rediculus ideas of how the assignment should be, aka one assignment being 45 pages at the very lease. Mine turned out to be 47 pages. I do admit that I tried to do it half assed but the assgiment was totally not worth my time.

As for catching up with a great friend. My boss, the one from the last year and a half, is so fun to talk to. She knows everything there is to know and it is so nice to talk to her. It is also great because she gives me the praise I don't get in other places. She is so glad I am coming back and she really appraciates that I am there. For me, that's rare in every day life. But that's another subject. I am so excited to go back to her and be able to talk to her again. She said something today... you look happy.

To tell you the truth. I am happy. I am happy that I feel ready to teach... Im happy with Eric and the love we have. It was fun to talk about Eric to my boss. I can't wait to see how different he is when he gets back. I do love him.

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Eric A Mann said...

I love you too babe!