Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Final Eval

Today was my final evaluation for student teaching. It went well. The lowest score I got out of four was a 3.5 I believe. I need to work on different teaching strategies. This can include role plays, which can help in areas such as English and health. Also I think a lot of this could include a lot of SuperCamp ideas.

I also need to think about the use of time. Planning out chunks of time to make sure all time is being used, or we are getting through the whole lesson in a given amount of time is something I need to work on.

I think those were the major areas in which I need to work on next year. On a personal level I think I need to work on positive vs negative reinforcement when it comes to discipline. I guess I feel like I could have been suported more during the entire process from my teacher. She said today that she may have steped in more than she should which is totally correct and it would have been interesting to have a little more support when it comes to doing it totally on my own.

O well.. two and one half day and its over!!! My kids are starting to be sad that I am leaving which is totally cute!

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