Monday, March 12, 2007

So Frustrated

This is shit. I am so frustrated right now. I just got my assignment back. We had to review 15 websites on three different topics. That's fifteen pages. Then we had to include the cover sheet for ALL 15 WEBSITES... and make sure to link the information to the class. So basically I failed horribly because I didnt put the cover page on, I had the correct references... I had the informatino about the website. But since I didnt link to class content (she's the prof..shouldnt she know the material that was covered!?!?!) I failed. 30/75. Now I have to redo it this week if I want any chance to pass this waste of time class. Besides the fact that I have already printed 40 pages for this assignment because we also had to print the webpage. Now another 30 pages. fun times!
I hate people who do stupid assignments ontop of wasting paper. Lets see... AT LEAST 45 pages per person in a 60 person class. Lets just cut down a forest and burn it for no reason at all.

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