Friday, July 27, 2007


That's aboout all it is right now. I am surviving. Kathie's mom died yesterday, which hit me pretty hard. The issue was more for Kathie and the family rather than Thelma passing, because I know how much they all loved her and grieving my own gradmother some more. Then yesterday I had to move again here at camp, it's really frustrating to have to move every 1- days. I was hoping to have a summer home here but I have given up on that idea. Moving so much makes unpacking hard so I just left it in the suitcases this time. O well.

Just an update from Ithaca. Ill be in NYC in 10 days. I am super looking forward to something different than beautiful Ithaca.

PS. Ithaca reminds me SO much of Oregon, Eugene in particular. The downtown here had hippy shops and smelled like Eugene.... gotta love it.

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