Sunday, July 29, 2007

Looking at the name of this blog

I just realized that the name of this blog is kind of outdated now...hmm.. I might have to change the name (not the site address)....


Today. Today has been an interesting day. It was a day full of morning academics. Academics = no use for Annie. O well. I sat around most of the morning then we to get Thai food for the senior staff. The Thai food was actually pretty good compaired to last time, though I felt like it almost had no flavor. But it was better than caf (cafiteria) food! Then I took a nap instead of going to actual lunch. That was nice but I think it was too long but I couldnt recover. O well. Then there was the cell phone debockle. The system we have set up for cell phone use is SO stupid. Kids are not allowed to keep their cell phones, so we put them in baggies and put tags in with them. Then for a half hour a day they can use them but they have to return them. If the dont return them... there are no consequences. WE are not even holding them up for dinner anymore. Hwo sad is that? AT least if we hold them up for dinner the teams held them responsible. Not any reason to turn in their cell phones. O well. I cant run the store and do cell phones at the same time... We shall see how it goes.

For all my loyal fans, only 8 days till I head to the city. Look for updates as soon as possible when I get to the city starting Aug 6th!

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