Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trying to stay awake at work

During my prep there is nothing to do. Yes.. there are things I COULD do but I dont want to go through and grade just yet and I dont want to transfer all my stuff over. Maybe I will do that tomorrow during my double prep. But that means going onto EACH of my ten computers and pulling off information from each. Between the Ducky videos, to the Ducky missing posters and then the step by step projects that I have to grade. I have to go onto the computers and pull them off by myself. And while that sounds like WAY fun... I will save it till tomorrow, but that means that I have nothing to do today. Ah... falling asleep sounds like a plan but they seem to frown on that here for some reason.
O well.
Back to thinking about what days I have left to do with what students.

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