Friday, May 16, 2008

Stupid Computers

Don't you hate it when your computer DIES!!! Dead. Gone. No one can fix it.

Ok.. so someone could fix mine. It died on Wednesday and no idea why. Just started working REALLY slow and then shut down. After a MAJOR freak out I took it to BestBuy's Geek Squad and they said.. mam... your harddrive is SUPER DEAD!!! Like.. out computer wont even start it up. SOOO another 160 dollars down the drain and I have a new harddrive. Now all I have to do is wait the 7-10 days for my recovery disk from Sony. Then go through the process of downloading all my stuff again. Sad times.

MOM-see I told you it was a good thing to get me that external hard drive. I didnt lose any of my work from college or pictures from the last couple of years!~

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