Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Great Weekend

It was a great Memorial Day weekend in the city. There was lots to do in the city, and I enjoyed a lot of it.

Saturday was painting my new table. I got a table off the side of the road for my kitchen. The only problem with it is that it is kitchen stuff is red... needless to say I didn't want to have a Christmas kitchen so I had to paint it. It is now 'apple red.' Very fitting I think. Then when the paint was drying I had to get out of the house other wise I was going to try to paint again before it was dry. Don't worry... I was out back painting so I totally was not painting around the Suz! So... out I went. I figured since it was SUCH a nice day I would go to Central Park. Well..ok. So I had never really seen the upper part of the park so I got off at 110 street and walked down to 59th street. If you have never been in the city...that's a lot freaking WAY!... So in the park I...walked though the forest, saw a wedding with only 6 people attending, saw a street performance with a crowd of like 300 people, a Marine band play the national anthem, and a random group of hula hoppers.
Sunday came. So did laundry. Apparently there are less than normal people doing laundry on holiday weekends. Then another coat of paint on the table. After that... I needed sun. Must head to Central Park. I headed down there and fell asleep! I was laying on my stomach so my back took most of the sun and it really wasn't that bad. After that I needed to cool down and I know I have my test this weekend so I headed to Borders to study a bit. They always have study guides. Though I think I will be ok the book scared me a little with the world history and art history. Those are going to be the only ones I am going to worry about.

Then Monday came! 80 degrees and beautiful!!! I decided I was going to hit the Museum of Modern Art. I have wanted to go for a while so I went! O how I love my non-expiring UO ID. Student price is only 12 dollars! The coolest thing in the museum was the area that turned you into black and white. The yellow lights wash all the color out of everything. It was so much fun to watch people go in and out of color. The design area was cool with the chairs from like the fifties and sixties. And the most of the art itself was really cool. Somethings I just don't understand... like the video of the girl hula hooping with barbed wire. But .. what is art? The last thing I did was to walk by the theater that I love and see a person handing out tickets to a free movie screening.

Tuesday came back to work and lots movie parties for my 4th graders. As long as I don't get sick I should make it through the week. Then I went to my free movie screening. To make it downtown in time I had to ride Metro North down to Grand Central. It is a REALLY nice train. SO much better than the Jersey train that I took back from the airport over there one time. So off I was to see the new Get Smart movie. Being that you had to be in line by 415 and I got there at 410 I was worried I was not going to get in. The guy stopped taking people FOR SURE two people ahead of me. As I waited I really wanted to see it but I wasn't sure. Finally with 5 minutes to spare I was let into the VERY NICE theater. It was the 15th floor of the HBO building that the private screening room was on. It was AMAZING! It was plush seats and carpeted floors. The BEST movie theater I had been in. It was SWEET!

Now it's Wednesday and I am sick. Isn't life grand?

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