Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sick Day!

Yesterday was my first official sick day! i felt sick and I didnt go to work! How crazy is that?!

When I got up I just didnt feel well.. a continuation of Monday's not feel well. So I sat in my living room from 630 to 7 and said screw it... and called in sick.

After catching up on my tv from Monday night, I was feeling better. I decided that the best way to make myself feel better would be to go into the city and enjoy the beautiful day instead of sitting home and feeling horrible. So I did. I got on the train and decided Chambers Street would be the place to get off and start looking.

Aparntly I ended up in Tribeca and all the beautiful restruants down there. After window shoppng a couple of places, I landed in a restruant called Stakes and Burgers on Grenwich (sp?) and Franklin. It was SO good. I sat and read my book and enjoyed the quiteness of the restruant. The waiter was funny, at one point asking if I wanted my book READ to me! but thanks. Then I walked until I found a subway station and headed up to Central Park. I layed in the sun and read for about an hour. Then headed home. Man my feet hurt from wearing my heals!

After that I stupidly bought the game Roller Coaster Tycoon. Addiction... that's all I have to say. O well.

Now its Wednesday and back to work for me. Trying to figure out if I totally messed myself up by skipping work yesterday. All should be ok.

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