Wednesday, May 07, 2008


It has been crazy around here.

Last Saturday I went to see my TEAM!!! (Seattle Mariners) play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. It was GREAT! We had some pretty cool seats in the bleachers.. right along the railing so we could see most of the feild (minus the camera next to us blocking the first base line). The Yankees killed 6-1 but o well. If I am not rooting for the Mariners it's the Yankees so it's all good.

After the game I went to Aurther Ave, which is the Little Italy section of the Bronx that is better than Littel Italy in Manhattan. It was so much fun. I got some fresh cheese and used it in my speghetti on Monday so that was GREAT! (dude, as I wrote "GREAT" tony the tiger was in my head saying. gotta love advertising right?!)

Sunday I went to the city to shop! I had to get a dress for Jess' wedding. I went to Banana Republic and retried on a dress that I tried on last week. It still fit, still fits into the 'conservative' side of the wedding, and it was ONE SALE!!! (I know you'll love that mom). So I HAD to get it. It was a GREAT steal from Banana Republic. Now I feel all growed up and stuff that I got a dress at Banana Republic!

Then it was back to the grind here at work. BUT! Monday after work a friend and I went out and had drinks after work. It was AWESOME bc she showed me a new part of the Bronx. It is the Irish part. I looked around and there were like 5 pubs on the same block. All authentic and all AMAZING looking inside. They really take care of their bars. Totally not like Kell's at home where it's 'authentic' .. no no no.. this is ... walking into Ireland. Everyone has accents and the paper for the area told of all the Irish businesses that the Irish people should patron. It was SO funny and GREAT. Definately not Manhattan prices for drinks! And it will only take me like a subway and bus to get there. Finding new places is one thing that makes me want to have a car. Its a lot easier to find new places without having to ride a bus. O well.

Now it's time to head to my next class (its lunch right now). But I did have SUPER amounts of fun this morning tryng to plan out the rest of the year. Baring any unscheduled misses, I think I did it. We shall see.

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