Monday, March 17, 2008

Thinking of what can happen

Today at work one of my coworkers told me that her boyfriend passed away. He has been sick for only a couple of weeks. His life slipped away quickly. My friend was telling us that he had everything in order. He knew how he wanted to be taken care of and what he wanted to happen after he passed. She thought it was crazy that they had had these conversations just weeks ago and now here it was the day before his viewing. Crazy.

Situations, though morbid, make you think. What will happen to me? Who will take care of things? And what the hell am I doing now? He was completely healthy (as far as he knew) weeks ago and now hes not here. I just wonder when I will go and what the situation will be. I want to live for today. This living for today makes me want to do so many things but also makes me thankful for what I am doing. I am living for today... in NYC. I will never regret moving to NYC and the changes in my life since moving here. I do miss somethings... friends...places... but NYC was the best decision I have ever made. (<--rambling)

It makes a girl think. There is no way I want to be buried. Putting a dead body in a ground to take up more space just seems to be worthless. I want to be scattered in so many places. I want to be in NYC (Manhattan. top of the rock. statin island ferry. the bronx. the two and five trains!... Oregon. so many places in oregon. the dorms! the college of ed. cascade head up by lincoln city. newport. old town florence.) all of these places have so many of my memories. I just feel like if i was in these places the 'after life' would be SO much better. enjoying the places i enjoyed in life.

o. and yall need to celebrate my damn life. I am here to live it. and party while here. party when i leave!

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