Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Weekend

It is the end of a long weekend for me. First, I had Friday off because it was Good Friday. Sweet. Jesus died and I get a day off!! I mean... it was a FUN day.

I spent all day Friday at the DMV. I literally spent 4 hours at the DMV. Then, in their grand fashion they took my Oregon licence (which I expected) only to give me a piece of paper without a picture on it. So they took five hours of my life and left me without photo id. I them got asked for my id twice this weekend. Once for something I cant remember, and once for the Letterman show (we didn't get on..:( ). This is Annie without photo id!

Then Saturday was amazing. Only in NYC you can you find a four block square, four different things going on. I ran into a HUGE pillow fight. It lasted over an hour. A real political rally about the war and Bush (big surprise right). A fake political rally for the new Dark Night Batman movie, Harvey Dent is running for District Attorney and they were shooting video of a fake rally. I even JOINED IN!~!! It was super fun. I handed out buttons and got on camera, being one of three girls there. And in Union Square there was also the weekly farmers market. I got some GREAT apple cider. That was all in about 2 hours!

Sunday was a day of productivity. I got up at 8. I cleaned the house, headed to the laundry mat to wash the blankets for my friends to come into town, went grocery shopping and was done with all of that by 12! Then I hung out until 1, where I was going to go check on my taxes because I haven't gotten them yet (I'm worried it's the wrong account number bc of the lack of info when I got my taxes done.) But of course, it was apparently Easter so I couldn't check on my taxes. I headed towards Manhattan, with a stop off at Borders to get a new book, I headed to the airport to pick up Meg and Brian!!! We had fun carting their luggage around Times Square, Rockefeller Center and into the Burger Joint (easily my FAV nyc restaurant). Then to Columbus Circle to head home. That was a good, productive but long day.

Monday was even longer. We were out of the house by 915. We headed everywhere. To Letterman to get tickets (which we didn't). Then to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) which wasn't open on Monday's apparently. Then to the Guggenheim for an AWESOME display by a Chinese artist who apparently likes to create art using gun powder and then blowing it up! Then we headed to Limbardi's Pizza. It was great as always, if you want good authentic Italian pizza GO THERE!!! Then it was on to the World Trade Center and Wall Street. Then to the best restaurant that I can find that it unique (the Burger Joint is burgers), SuperMac is mac 'n' cheese with different kinds. I had some really goog cheese steak mac 'n' cheese! It was so good, though I really wasn't that hungry. Then, after waiting 45 minutes for a train at Penn Station, we headed home to get home at like 1030 My friends stayed up a little more and Annie hit the sack for work today! Sounds like fun hu!?!

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Anonymous said...

Jesus did die, but he rose 3 days later so we could have everlasting life. That's even better than an extra day off work!