Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lookign forward to this weekend

It is going to be a great weekend. First, today is my friday! I am headed to department of motor vehicles tomorrow to get a NY drivers licence. So exciting. I just figure people are having issues finding the nearly rubbed off expiration date on my OR licence so might as well. I would get a regular id, which is 40 bucks cheeper, but this way I dont have to go through the process of getting a licence again when I move to another state. AND I can drive when I go home and/or rent a car.

Tomorrow night also opens the Duck basketball playoff run to the top. I might go watch in lower Manhattan with the Alumni chapter. It should be way fun.

The saturday I am taking my new dishes back because they came cracked. And maybe Ill see a movie or something.

Sunday. My friends from Oregon come into town. Im so excited to see them and show them my city. And because they are in town from sunday though thursday, I decided to take my frist official day off. That's right folks Annie's playing hookie from work to be a tourist guide to the city!!! Happy times. That should be my weekend..

You know. Im ok with four days on, four days off, four days on. It should be like that all the time!

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