Monday, March 10, 2008

A Great weekend

It was a GREAT weekend. I got to do some great stuff.
First, Friday was a day of finishing. FINALLY I got the project that my fifth graders worked on for six weeks DONE!!! It is printed and copied. They get to see them today! I am super excited for them to decorate the covers and be able to give a copy to the principal and assistant principal. The extra five dollars they cost are worth it (that way they can see what the kids have been doing!).

The other exciting thing this weekend was that a friend and I went to a Blazers game. Thats right. Blazers in the big apple. We got to see the Blazers beat the Knicks in over time. 120-114! It was a close game at the end of the fourth but Ptown prevailed. It was fun because we went with my alumni chapter, so we were in a section of Blazer fans! One guy sitting next to me had to ask me if I was with the Oregon fans or not... because I had bought a Knicks foam finger. I had to laugh. Yes, I was with the Oregon peeps, but beign the weirdo that I am (and this is partly mom's fault) I have a foam finger collection. Since I was at Madison Freaking Square Gardens, I had to buy a finger! It was awesome though. Knicks were coming back in the fourth and allthe fans were talking crap to us, because we were gunna lose. Yeah...they were quiet when we dominated in overtime! Life's great! now I shold probably think about going to teach! Love yall and miss you.

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