Friday, March 28, 2008

A long week

Why do weeks that are shorter seem SOO long? O wait. That's because my days have gone SOOO slow. I have worked only four days and I'm ready for a vacation. Its not like it has been a particularly challenging week but just slow.. each and every class has gone SO slow. But only three weeks till I get a week off. Spring break.

Though I am sad that I didn't have this entire week of to be with friends from Oregon, but my friends teaching in Oregon don't have a single day off (week day) until Memorial Day weekend. I have three weeks a week off then four weeks till Memorial Day. Then four weeks and we're done!

Summer school? Still not sure yet. We shall see. I kinda just want time to hang out and enjoy the city without having to teach. Or do ANYTHING but get a tan!!! Which I can do after I teach the half days of summer school but meh. A whole summer to myself and STILL getting paid would be AMAZING. I just wouldn't be able to pay for anything bc I would be spending all my money on food in the city for the day!

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Kim Larsen Photography said...

If we make it out to Boston to visit David's brother this summer (probably a long shot...), I will be expecting a personal tour of NYC. ;) We're planning to remodel the kitchen this summer, so that will probably use up all of our available cash, so I'm not really expecting that we'll be able to make it out there, but I can hope, right?