Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Here in the city it is coming close to the baseball All-Star Game. It is getting pretty hyped because of the whole last one in the Yankee Stadium that will be gone after this season. Because of this hy[e they have put statues of liberty all over the city. These statutes are different teams and different stadiums.

Well. In hearing about these statues I had to find them for myself. Well. Of course I cant live with only finding one ... I had to find them all.

After looking two different times online I finally found a map. 42 different statues from The Bronx (Yankee Stadium) to the Statute of Liberty's Island and Ellis Island. I would LOVE to get them all but I don't want to pay the 12 dollars to get the two out on the ferry.

Just another NYC adventure. I will put pictures at some point.

And tomorrow Im off to Boston for two days so I will update when I get back.

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