Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It is always nice to return home. I love Oregon and I don't remember how much I miss it till I come home. I can't say that it's been the ideal trip but it's been pretty freaking cool.

I mean cool literally. Its freezing here. it's not that cold but in comparison it is freaking cold here compared to NYC the last couple of weeks. It hasn't really been below 70 in nyc in about a month. Here its 50 at night. And then driving the topless Jeep up the mt at 10 pm... COLD! I was not prepared for this weather. I have ONE sweatshirt with me and more tank tops than I will ever need here aparently.

BUT! I have seen a large majority of my friends and have been enjoying them so much. If that is becuase I get to talk alot I do not know but its been great. I heart my David and I always will. I think I miss him the most. Then MEghan and Colleen of course because they are amazing. Wendy will always be a part of my life and I heart her mucho.

The one thing I have to say about this trip is realizing how much older we all are. Very few of my freinds have had the money or the want to walk into a brewery and just have a drink with dinner or by itself. Its so amazing to just sit and talk around a drink and not have it be a big deal. I love it! Then spending hours apon hours with friends and just enjoying the company of the other person and not realizing how much time has actually passed between walking talking and drinking!

Its been a great trip and I cant wait for Thursday in Eugene!!!

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Kim Larsen Photography said...

I can't wait for Thursday in Eugene either! It's going to be great to get to see you again! :)