Wednesday, July 02, 2008

spur of the moment

So I have always been a plan type of girl but tonight was a different story.

I now have red hair. I went to the new CVS by my house... and hey there was the hair dye. After an interesting experience doing it on my own (I hope the back isnt too bad...) I now have red hair.


Anonymous said...

Hum. I seem to remember purple hair! You a bit bored are you?

Love ya


Kim Larsen Photography said...

Very nice! :) I showed Kerry the picture & she thinks the color looks very good on you, too.
BTW -- I had a similar "spur of the moment" thing about 2 days ago where I almost bought a plane ticket to fly out to NYC for the weekend of the 12th (I heard that Bon Jovi is doing a free concert in Central Park), but then David reminded me that we have a wedding to go to that day. I was really disappointed when he reminded me about it. I was pretty excited about the idea of flying out there & dragging you to the show with me! :)