Monday, October 22, 2007

I had a nice long weekend... almost

It was a good weekend. I sware. Just not a good start to the week.

Saturday was filled with time in the city. After meeting Kira for a long lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen (damn good by the way) I headed out for an afternoon on the town. AKA... wasting time until the game started. By the game I mean the duck game that didn't start until 730 my time. I spent most of the time listening to my latest book on tape (or iPod as it has to be) called Ain't She Sweet? Good book so far. I ended up about 8 hours into the 10 hour book. It s a good book about a rebellious teenager who, 15 years later, returns home to a small southern town. Its good. I have been getting all my books from Good source, but there are a lot of British books, which I am not all that into as a listen to book. After watching the first half of the game I headed home bc of exhaustion.

After a long Saturday my Sunday was nice and short. I slept and vegged till almost 3. I didnt want to shower because of the lack of shampoo in my bathroom. After some hard willing I finally got dressed and headed towards the drug store. I poked around some and finally bought my shampoo and conditioner. Then I headed to the grocery store and got some essentials. I acutally went home and put things away. AFter finishing some lesson plans I headed to bed. A short but good day.

Ahh.. Monday morning. Gotta love it. As I waited for the water in my shower to get warm I thought about how dirty my hair was without having been washed yesteryday and how good it would feel to wash it. After climbing in the shower I wet my hair and reached down for the shampoo.... shampoo... SHAMPOO... where was the shampoo? O crap. I got two bottles of conditioner... no shampoo. CRAPOLA!!! fine.. another day towards dirty hair. Off to school I went.... o well.

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