Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ah.. its been SO long

I am SO sorry it has been so long to my loyal readers (if there are any). It has been a long couple of weeks. Between school and personal life I have not had time to sit (unless falling alseep watching tv counts)....

School has been busy like always. These kids are crazy. I knew they were going to be a challenge, but I definately have one class that is AMAZING! These kids are insanely amazing. (makes me feel good that it's my mentors class!) Then I have kinder and first, they are crazy but are good. The fourth grade is good overall... Then there is the fifth grade. Besides the angel class discribed above, the fifth grade as a whole is quite interesting. The class I just got done with is CRAZY!!! The last three times I have been in there we have had students walk out and disappear. Today it was because one couldnt ues the computers.. so he walked out and disappeared totally. gone... the teacher tried to find him and finally called security to find him. Its just crazy what can set these kids off.

The personal life stuff. Eric has actually been here for ten days now... well.. he is headed towards the airport as I type. Probably just getting on the subway. I am very sad about this. It has been a great visit. I love having him here. Someone to do stuff with.. someone to come home to. It is great. We did stuff like, the United Nations tour, we did the Staten Island Ferry, Chelsea Piers, The really flat building (cant remember the name right now), Limbardi's Pizza (OMG!!! everyone who comes here HAS GOT TO have pizza there even if I cant spell it right), a good Chinese restruant in China town. We were everywhere, but at the same time I was nice to have someone to cuddle up to when I fell asleep on the couch at 8pm bc it was such a long day.

Will he move? Not sure yet. Still depends on when he gets a job. He had a bunch of informational interviews this week, some good some a waste of time, but it should be good. I cant wait to have him here in the city all the time. If he could move right now he could get the apartment under me and we would be living super close. But with rent being as much as he has total in his savings that wouldnt work out well. O well. We shall see.

My lunch break is just about over so I should scoot towards the resst of my day. At least I have fourth grade the rest of the day. They tend to do good... laters

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