Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Freaking out

So. Gotta love the city and their data driven ways.

Everything in this city is all abotu the numbers. This is true for many things. One of these things is the survey that was given last spring. With the dismal number of students, parents and even staff that filled out the actual survey, the results were not good. What they actually were... we are not sure yet but we were given tiny parts of information.

One of these things is that the parents believe that the information about home are not making it to school and being integrated into the students education. AKA If grandma was in the hospital and the students missed a couple of days because there was no one to make sure the student got to school, the teachers were not sensative to the situation.

The other part to this is that parents are not seeing what is happening at school, they only see how their kid is progressing in grades. To circumvent this problem the administration has come to the conclusion that students need to have goals. These goals need to be in every aspect of their education. English/language arts, math, art, drama, TECHNOLOGY. The principal wants to be able to show the parents who is working towards what goals with each student.

That's right. Each and every student that I work with has to have an individual goal to lead their learning. That means I need to make goals with about 400 students. That includes all of my kinder through 5th graders. Every.. This should be interesting. How am I to do this you ask... any way I want. Absoletly no direction from the higher ups. Fun.

On top of this, my direct supervisor does not actually speak to me. I guess I can't say that. He says HI to me once and a while. I guess I would think that my direct supervisor would want to meet with me, figure out what I am actually doing in the classroom... you would think. I guess I need to step up and talk to him... which of course is kinda scarry. We shall see how it goes. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Sounding kinda stressed.....Yes, you need to step up and talk to your supervisor. I am sure that he too is very busy and over extended, but it sounds like he wont come to you unless you take another step. Setting goals is not really that hard. Have a talk with the kindergartners and ask them what they think computers are and how they help their world. Then help them explore those.

Love, mom