Sunday, October 28, 2007

Begging for more picts

Hey yall. So I had a request for more pictures of the apartment. You will have to wait.. I am too lazy to get out the camera and hook it up and all that good stuff. So wait. Its just about clean so when it is perfect I will hook yall up.

As for my weekend. It was a goood weekend.

Saturday was filled with the usual Manhattan adventures. Kira and I headed towards a new theater to see the new movie "Dan In Real Life". It was a GREAT movie. The plot was a little like The Family Stone, but a different prospective and better acting. The characters in this movie fit together so well it was amazing. The theater we went to was SO nice. Because we saw a new movie it was in the HUGE theater. This theater had a mezzanine level where we sat. It was SO awesome.

After the movie I spoiled Kira's shopping plans and invited her to watch the UO Duck game with me at a local bar. It was a lot of fun with the fanatic people that usually are drunk at games being drunk next to me 3,000 miles away from Autzen! After the game we parted and headed home but it was a GREAT day.

My Sunday has actually been a productive day. I was up by like 730 and went for some essential groceries. After that I did laundry. I was done with laundry and home by noon. What to do with the rest of my day? Clean the house! I spent the rest of my day cleaning my house. Between the like 7 small bags of garbage and the massive amount of cat hair from the floor, it was a BIG job that's not all the way over quite yet. I need to do some dishes and sweet the dining room and kitchen.

Time to head off to find some food. Hope you enjoy hearing about my adventures... however lame they might be. Later yall

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Logan said...

hay, PeeWee, you may think your life is lame, but we portlanders know better, by the way thanks for the pic update. Your TRUE fans still read about your "lame , borring life OF YOURS." So.. what does that tell you about us???
hope you right soon