Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Someone asked how I was recently. I said, "I am alive, doesn't mean I am living, just surviving." They proceeded to ask why I was just surviving.

I just filled in my calendar for next week with the kids. We are cruising along in school but it seems that I am at an impasse in my outside life. I have so much work to do for the one class I am taking but I just don't want to do it. It all seems like busy work as well as a waste of paper. One assignment is going to be at least 30 pages if not 45. That's a lot of paper for us to critique 15 websites. On top of the fact that I really do not think she's going to read all of it or care if we show the homepage of each. O well, only one term, or 114 days till graduation and not as much hoop jumping for at least three months.

As for the next six months. I was also asked what my plans are. For those of you who care, my big New York adventure starts in July when I have to liquidate my apartment by the 5th. On the sixth I plan to head to Vegas for a friend's wedding, assuming I am invited, then from there on the 9th to Ithaca for camp. I'll be at camp until the 6th of August. At which time I hope to have my cousin fly out and meet me to go to Niagara falls and on to NYC. I hope to find a decent apartment close to my school in the week that my cousin is there. Then ... live until school starts in late August. Crazy hu?

Email em if you have any questions about how it is going to work or want me to keep in touch about what's happening and stuffs. Off to finish the school day!

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