Monday, February 12, 2007

Life on the Edge

O how my life has been on the edge lately. I am going to class, I am teaching 5 days a week, and I am working the other two. As for my life outside of school and work... there is not one. I love Eric but he's been so busy lately I see him less and less and talk to him less and less. As for friends, why is it when a person who NEVER calls calls I'm in class. It happens right?!?!

I guess I want a life but I also want money. Someone asked me today why I am working so much.. to which I responded "bills and spending money. Moving to NYC in... 6 months... less than 6 months (Side note... HOLY CRAP!!!) I need money to get me over there." They looked at me like I was crazy, then agreed that it was good for me to work.

Ok... now I am distracted. New York is actually less than SIX months away.. holy crap. Well this shall be interesting. I think I have enough money to move... I need to start thinking about a plain ticket to camp, along with all the paper fun for SuperCamp. I can't wait for camp, which is only five months away. That means graduation, that means Carrie's wedding, that means Capstone.... so many things need to happen before NYC but NYC is only four months away. Don't forget I still have to go to NYC to get a position at a school. Good thing dad said he will pay for that trip...maybe I can even get hotel/hostel fees out of him. We shall see.

K I really should get back to class and the Autism we are learning about today.

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