Monday, February 05, 2007


There are somethings in this world that people just want support on. New York and my dream of moving there is one thing that I need to be supported on. When people say that it is 'bad news' that I am moving it does not make me feel very good. I am making the decision to move away, to turn my whole world upside down, and to try something new, yet there are still people out there who are being selfish and want me to stay to make them happy. I guess I don't understand why anyone would say this.

I am pondering where to go from here. Is it them being selfish, assuming that after college I was going to come home and be a perfect little part of the family again or is it me being selfish wanting to start my life somewhere else where I don't HAVE to be part of the family. I love my family, dont get me wrong but is it so wrong that I want to move away, start fresh where I do not have to be a apart of it on a daily basis? Should I want to move home, and make sure I am there as my nieces and nephews grow up? Should I be more than the 'cool aunt in NYC?' (that's my goal by the way).

Also take into consideration that most of my family will never have the extra cash to come visit me in NYC it will be up to me to come visit and spend the money. I guess I am totally ok with coming home for holidays, especally since Eric's family is here. But I want to have my own family in a new place. (whether the family is hubby and I or adding kids).

I guess it comes down to I have a job. I am moving and people can be happy for me or not. People can accept my adult decision or not. And people can blame who ever they want. It's my decision, it's happening and I am SUPER EXCITED!

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