Saturday, January 13, 2007

So... Fun times

Two things to talk about in todays post..way bored at work and supervisors.
Way bored at work, that's right once again I am way bored at work. When I worked in the main office I felt bad for being bored at work, like I was the only student worker who had nothing to do and I should be doing something. To most people this logic makes sense, getting paid = actually doing soemthing. Aparently this philosophy is totally wrong for student working. I have started my new job and regular hours... 7-3 on Saturday and Sundays. Man, I thought main housing was bad...nope. There is not a single residence hall student up at 7 on a Saturday it being 10:30 I have worked maybe 20 minutes of my first three and a half hours. WOOHOO!!

So with this lack of work to do but still having to BE at work, I have taken to doing my homework. This is kind of like the snow day I had on Thursday (for those of you who dont know Eugene, where I live, got all of an inch and a half of snow on Thursday and EVERY school was shut down so I had a snow day!!!). I had nothing to do so I got a jump on my work sample, getting the first major part out of the way which included the pre-test and unit plan. And since it was done I fowarded it on to my university supervisor because they need to approve it all before I can start teaching. I got an email back Friday night saying that she was impressed that I already had this done and that I was getting a HUGE jump on things. HELLO!?!?! I was bored all day Thursday, I didnt wanna leave my comfortable littel bubble to find out the city was still full of snow and soon to be ice. So I did what any rational snow day kid would do...homework. !!! Look I can lie pretty well dont you think?!!? Anyway, she's gunna be REALLY shocked to see that I have already emailed her back with changes to both documents at 8:30 this morning!!!

O well... time to go pretend like Im working while I actually write lesson plans.... maybe maybe not we shall see.

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