Saturday, January 06, 2007

Getting Ready

It's that time again, time to get ready for a new term. This will, although, be my most unique term..student teaching. I will be teaching 40 hours a week (like a real teacher) for the next 11 weeks. I will take over the class entirely for 5 of those 11 weeks. But, the only difference between the real teacher and I is that she gets paid. I will be doing it for college credits. My worksample (state requirement) is based around a colonial American simulation where the kids colonize North America. It should be lots of fun for the students this year. We did this same thing last year and using it as my worksample gives me the freedom (to an extent) to do it how ever I want. We shall see if my way messes it up royally or is something that in implemented in the future.

When it comes to the rest of my life, I am also starting a new job. I will be working at the LLC (new residence hall)'s area desk. I will be working weekends, 7-3, both days. So thats right..for the next 11 weeks I have two days off. I figure if I can survive this I can make it anywhere. Thinking back I usually worked 6 days a weeek at least in high school and did bad at the same time. I can handle this.

On the job front it looks like im headed to Seattle in three weeks to interview of New York Public Schools. They will be in Seattle on the 28th of Jaunary so I think I am gunna head up on Saturday after work and pick up Eric on the way up. The Career fair is Sunday morning starting at nine am. To make sure that I do not have to worry about getting back, I am going to stay Sunday night and make my way back down on Monday, taking Monday as one of my two personal days from student teaching. Wish me luck y'all. O and I ordered business cards today so if you want one (if anyone reads this) let me know and it will be all official.

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