Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What shoud I actually TEACH my class

At a University, especally one that is highly recognized in the education communikty, you would expect the professors to actually TEACH in class. It being week 6, you would think that in a portfolio class that they would have taught us one thing about how to build a portfolio... nope! For the third time in six weeks we have talked about what we want out of the class... last week we said we wanted more of a workshop environment to help us build our portfolios. The professors responce you ask? They added another assignment to the mix, a 5-7 minute video that needes to have voice over. This means that we need to know some type of software that does video editing. Are they going to help us? Well, they will show us outside of class but not in class, where we dont do anything anyway. Makes total sense hu?!

As for the rest of life, you should check out my other blog, Annie's Blog, it has the new calendar feature as well as my bubbleshare which is a scrolling bar with pictures of me...reallly OLD pictures of me. Check it out... its interesting.

PS.. is there anyone else out there that thinks the word "partner" is wierd? I dont know...I like girlfriend better... maybe it's just me.

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