Friday, November 03, 2006

Professor Rants

In my three hour class yesterday, people ranted about one professor we had two years ago for almost an hour. I was among those that did not like the professor and had issues with her teaching style, but AN HOUR of my class time was waisted talking about her AGAIN. You know it's bad when the professor some how gets fired from on department and gets hired almost immediately by another department. And she got fired from the first department for not teaching very good, look at that..the same comments we had! But I guess the rest of the class was interesting.
We talked about cyborgs and the possibility of combining humans and technology. We also watched the movie "Blade Runner" which had to do with cyborgs and their life. It was interesting to see a movie that was made in 1991 and their take on 2019 which is closer now than 1991. Yes we, as a society have changed alot, but I do not believe that we will have flying cars and robotic people running around. I believe that at some point the exponential growth of technology will slow down and that Americans are not ready for robotic people. I dont know if the world will ever be ready for the melding of humans and robots.

As for life outside of school, it was nice to see my dad last night. We wass stopped in Coberg last night after a long day of driving. I dont mind seeing him but we never really have anything in common to say. He talked about the family and how everything that has happened with the courts (two people in particular) is so fake and the system gets their mind set and wont give up until they have distroyed you. Fun times hu? On the good news front it looks like my neice is doing well, although reading better than my sister at this point bc of her dislexia. I informed him that if she wanted to get help another place to go was my neices teacher. Unless the teacher has no heart what-so-ever, he/she would probably help my sister out as well as helping my neice because a child will learn to read better if their parent can read. The visit ended well, we went our seperate ways and promised to call like everytime. O well..until next time.

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