Saturday, November 25, 2006


In my last post I talked about how turkey day was coming and it was all about football and eating instead of giving thanks. Well, my weekend turned up to not be thankful one. It all comes down again to the stuck between a rock and a hard place. I cannot be an adult till I get out of school and pay for everything on my own, but I need to make decisions today that will effect my entire life and I, aparently, can never change what I chose today. Which is TOTAL crap.
Yesterday was one of the worst days I have had in a while. I got into a big huge fight with my mom. The entire thing started when I wanted to spend the night at my boyfriends house. Aparently I am ignoring her AGAIN and only coming up to get stuff rather than to spend time with her. This is total crap, especally when she has moved an hour outside any type of city. When I want to go anywhere I have to leave an hour early to get there and it takes an extra hour to get back, so the 2 hour visits take 4 or more hours because of travel time. Thus I never spend any time at her house with her. On top of all this, she does not like my choice of partners. So we spent an hour fighting about that. From his participation in the homophobic organization, the boy scouts, to how he is never going to grow up. How does she know all this? How can she tell what he, who she has spent all of like 10 hours MAX with, will grow up and what he will become? I know how... she was married once, when she was about my age. Because she married someone (my dad) who lied and cheated on her every guy is going to lie and cheat and treat every woman like a peice of trash.
Never mind the fact that my brother is in rehab and has been since March. She will fly out to see him but when was the last time she came to Eugene to visit me? O...graduation and moving day.... moving day..... moving day.... do you see a pattern? Only when she HAS to does she come to Eugene to visit me, yet I am expected to want to spend every moment I am in Portland with her (usually watching tv without talking).
So, needless to say that the weekend in Portland was not so much fun. It wa sgreat to see my cousins and uncle and aunt. They are so much fun and Eric enjoyed it so much. They all like him why cant my mother open her closeminded eyes and see what I see? O well.. for yet another day.

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