Friday, December 08, 2006

Long Week

It has been a long week. It seems that in college land finals week should be stressful week but in my college world its been a long boring week. Between the waste of time class Monday night (I had already presented my website) and the meetings on Tuesday I have really done nothing but work since.
As a loser college student who is at home on a Friday night, I need a hobby that happens outside of my house. I can do my cross stich at home, I can make my quilt at home, but they are both in my house. I really want to get a gym pass for the rock gym here in Eugene, but again, it comes down to money. I have the time I just need to spend the money. I am hoping that I will get a pass from Eric for Christmas. (and hopefully early..HINT HINT!)
As for the rest of the Christmas season I'll be here in Eugene working a lot of time. I'll be going home for Christmas weekend but then returning to Eugene the day after Christmas. As much as I LOVE work it is truly because of the cute kitty thats sleeping on me right now... I need to make sure that I am here for her. Im still not sure whats going on for Christmas eve, between my dad and the family..we shall see.... o well. Im off to be a loser some more, home alone on a Friday night. But hey, Im a 4.0 student in grad school...thats special right?

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