Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ah, always a college student

Today made me remember that yes, I am a college student. No matter how long I have worked here at University Housing I kind of forget that I am a student worker rather than a full time worker. I came back to reality today when a number of people questioned my sanity and college student-ness.
As I was leaving for work today I decided that I wanted to have something besides soda to drink so I grabbed my Coyote Ugly glass from Vegas and filled it with Apple Juice. No Im not kidding, it was apple juice. As I walked in I got a bunch of weird looks and questions. Whats in the glass? Each person that I walked past had the same question. It came down to the last person to ask... one of the assistant directors of housing asked if she could see my glass. And I am not kidding, I really think that she even tried to get it close enough to take a sniff JUST to make sure it wasn't beer. These are people that have known me for a year to three years. Because I would be drinking beer at 8 in the morning, let along bringing it to work at 8 in the morning.

Ahh..the life of a college student.

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Eric A Mann said...

Gotta love the reputation other college students give the few of us who actually care about our appearances, right? Kudos to all of those irresponsible peoples who make our supervisors suspect we would be dumb enough to a) drink at 8 in the morning and b) do it at work.