Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sitting at Home

It's been a while. I am currently sitting at my mom's house outside of Portland. It is SO sad because she moved this past summer to a house on the near by Mount Hood. The main idea of living up here (besides the woods and log cabin) was to get snow a little more often. With snow outside you can phone in for a snow day! Today, though is a sad day. We are 12 miles from Government Camp, the pass over Mt. Hood from western Oregon to eastern Oregon. The pass is getting snow as I type and none here... aparently in the 12 miles between Government camp and the house is 1400 feet in elevation so we are not getting snow!
O well, tomorrow is Turkey day. Yet another holiday where American's made up a day to 'give thanks' yet it is seen by most of us as a day to stuff our bellies. What happened to the good ole days where we gave thanks for the people around us instead of football and turkey!?
O well...just another good holiday idea ruined...wecome to America!

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