Friday, August 15, 2008

Swing a Ring

Swing a Ring. What is it you may ask?

Swing a Ring is a physical fitness apparatus is which is located in only NYC and California. It is a ring contraption that has about 8 rings on very long metal chains.
You are supposed to swing from ring to ting and back and fourth to work your upper arms.

I went to visit this contraption ... it is in Riverside Park on the west side of Manhattan. It is so awesome. There was a very nice man there that was willing to show me how to do the rings AND share his chalk for my poor hands. Ok... so I wasn't THAT bad but the fact that I couldn't get my poor feet over my head. It just takes a little effort to flip your feet over your head through your arms and apparently I couldn't get them over my head. OMG! Dang. I feel dumb. O well...

And now it is down pouring. Flash flood warnings are fun.

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