Monday, August 11, 2008


The Museum of Modern Art. It is a great place. I have been there once before but I decided to go again because of the free Friday nights. When I arrived... OMG. The line was around the block and still had a half hour till it opened. After getting (even though it went really quickly) I made the quick observation that I will NEVER DO THIS AGAIN! I love the museum but I would like to actually be able to sEE the poor thing.

It was so freaking crowded that they were still letting people in at like 530. An hour and a half straight of letting people in. It was crazy. I go to a museum to see the art not the back of peoples heads. So if you are ever thinking of going to the free night .. as long as you are willing to hang out and wade through all the people... go for it. Otherwise... pay the 18 dollars to get in and enjoy at your own pace.

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