Friday, August 22, 2008

My classroom- day 1

As requested here are the pictures of my first classroom. Remember .... this is day one.

When I walked in...the front...

the back right (if you are facing forward)the left side towards the front

the back half of the left side (facing front)

As you can see the room is quite big... being a corner room. I have like NO boards to hang stuff but it looks like I won't be using the chalk boards but making them into boards to hang work. All the yellow paint is SO horrible. If I had my way I would buy some and paint over crap because it is so disgusting. I just hope that once there are kids in there and stuff on the walls that it won't look TOO bad.

After seeing what Corinne... the teacher that moved to this school with me was doing I started to move furniture and figure out what I actually have. So after an hour this is what it looked like....

the left front

the left back

the right front (the rug area I think...)

the back left. I think this will be the teachers corner/computer area

As you can see I have LOT of furniture that is very miss matched. It should be interesting. Watch for updates!

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Anonymous said...

Cool. Love that red "tile" floor. Hey, maybe I can send you some Metro paint......:>>

love ya