Thursday, August 21, 2008


My last week of freedom for the next ten months. Ok.. So I don't work straight for ten months but would you REALLY want to teach five days a week for 10 months!? I would go insane! Most teachers would. As much as we love our students... there is just too much to be able to do day in and day out for ten months. Though I really think that year round schooling is the way to go. My friend teaches for two or three weeks then gets a couple of weeks off. It is freaking sweet.

If you think about it. Year round schooling would eliminate a lot of things and better our children. (on my soap box for a couple of minutes.) I believe that year round schooling would hep our studetns to be able to retain information between school years. With the lack of a huge summer break I believe that our students would retain more information. I also believe that having solid, consistant breaks would better our students because they will not shut down weeks before breaks such as summer and winter. Every teachers knows that most students (especally those who are part of school systems that it is traditional) feel the need to hit summer break just after May comes around. Also the same happens when it comes to winter break but not as bad. Year around schooling helps to combat these problems because of the regular breaks.

Off my soap box.

So back to this year. I am suepr excited to see my classroom tomorrow. I will take pictures and post them so everyone can see them!

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