Thursday, November 08, 2007

A weird day...

Today has been a weird day. First off. I got my NY licence today! I am offically licenced in the state of New York! Happy times.

The other part of the day was dealing with my supervisor. Today was my first offical observation of the year. It was an interesting observation. I was teaching a third grade class. The class started at 1205, but because it usually takes them some time to get back I had him come in at 1215 and he was late. He totally missed the begining of my lesson, which is fine I guess since I forgot to do something he told me to do... aka tell the students the aim of the lesson. Because he was late he needed to watch me in another class... so on the spot he decided he was going to follow me to my next class. Which was SUPER fun. I told him that I was not going into another third grade class, but a fifth grade class. But I changed my plans at the ast minute for him so he could see it again. This time it was about three kids. They were great because they totally wanted to learn about animation. So we shall see how it goes when we have our 'post conference'.

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