Thursday, November 08, 2007

Funny comment for all you Oregonians

As I was walking into work this morning a first grade teacher walked in with me. She stated, "Wow, this must be like summer to you... being from Oregon and all." Ladies and gentleman this morning it is currently 33 degrees in my zipcode. 33 degrees to me IS NOT WARM!!!!! I kid you not. I very nicely said back... UM NO!!! Oregon is much warmer and even if it is colder I get in my car and drive to work.. I get in my car and come home from work. I don't walk ANYWHERE!!! So for those of you in Oregon who may be thinking it's warmer over here than there... UM NO! Im freezing my ass off over here!

HINT! Christmas... scarves... hats... gloves... warm heater.. all that good stuff


Kim Larsen Photography said...

Why in the world would she think it was colder in Oregon than New York???

A Fellow Oregonian said...

It was 56 degrees in clackamas OR. today. We Oregonians have been wearing shorts and sandels all day. I swere it's a freakin heat wave.

Remember Christmas is just 49 days away:)
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