Sunday, November 11, 2007

An exciting turn of events.

Friday night was an interesting and exciting turn of events. Friday night I was talking to my college roommate Jessica about thanksgiving. AS you may suspect I am alone in the city. No family, very few friends. It is also WAY expensive to go home. So... Jessica invited me to Denver for the holiday. After searching and contemplating I bought a ticket to Denver and Jessica bough me one back to NYC. So Ill be headed to Denver in less than two weeks to spend the holiday with Jessica and her family. It will be super fun, a long weekend, but super fun. I have never been to Denver so... we shall see.

Just a shout out to my readers. If you leave a comment PLEASE leave your name so I know who is talking. Thanx a million! Love yall.


logan said...

have fun

Eric said...

Leave our names? Why can't we stay anonymous?

Annice said...

This is great info to know.