Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A good weekend

I had a good weekend this weekend. On Saturday I had to take the 4 hour adventure to BFE Brooklyn again. I had to get my necklace checked out to keep it under warranty. It takes forever to get there and 2 minutes to check it and clean it. O well. It is safe once again for another six months. I might do the next one in Ptwon when I come home in August. (Ill be home for TWO WEEKS in August.)

Sunday was a day of..SHOPPING!!! Annie got a new credit card and HAD to make sure it worked. That's right.. HAD to make sure. (Don't worry mom.. I only charged like 100 this weekend...)

Monday was just what it was.. Monday. Kids were ok until last period where they were INSANE and horrible. I had a hard time getting bc I was already frustrated and had lots of stuff in my hands. Gotta love Mondays? NO!!!

BUT! I will LOVE next Monday. I have it off. I have all of next week off. What will I do!?! Well... I have no clue yet. I am going to spend the week resting that's for sure. If it's nice weather I might go into the city and enjoy Central Park some more like I did last summer. We shall see.

Off to another long day of teaching.. 4th grade is on the list for today!

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Anonymous said...

A thousand dollars! you rat you.... hope your observation went well. missing you a lot. love mom