Wednesday, June 06, 2007

End of an Era

Tomorrow will be the end of an era. I am finishing my degree tomorrow. Well, finishing the classes for my degree tomorrow. After five years in college I will be done. It is hard to imagine what life will be like without college. What will weekends be without the fear of homework looming over me?

All week I have been stressing about stuff that is happening this week. Frist off, capstone presentations, the presentation of my masters thesis (capstone), were a joke. The professor didn't watch any of them, no other facilty (except one education and our tech teacher) showed up to watch, and people sat down and read their PowerPoint slides to us. This was a big let down to me, but also a big stresser off of me. I have finished one class and am in my one of my last grad classes. Within the next few hours I will be done with classes as a grad student. Craziness

Tomorrow I will be going back to my student teaching class for the lsat time tomorrow. Life is pretty crazy. I am going to miss those kids, I am going to miss my teacher but I am excited that she wants to do pin pals. I really want to do epin pals, aka email pin pals. Google is GREAT for this because of the conversations aspect.

When thinking of my job in housing it has been interesting. I started training my replacement this week. It has been great to see that people in housing keep saying "replace you, i did not think that was possible." means people actually Love me in housing. It means I have done a good job overall in my job. Hopefully that transfers over to the real world and my classroom. I REALLY need to get a letter of rec from my boss.

It has been an interesting and good experience in college. I feel like, instead of gratudaiton, this weekend going to NYC is going to be the ending of college and the starting of my new life. We shall see....

Off to listen in my last class.

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