Friday, May 04, 2007

Long time no see...

Its been about a month since my last post, and what a month it has been.

First, I am at the half way point of my last term in graduate school. How crazy is that? As it is, I am having issues writing this because my brain is fried. I am currently doing many projects at the same time while working and trying to have a life.

Many projects. Right now I am trying to survive my many classes, between the class that never actually meets, to the class where I am basically dictating what I want and the professor says how high? My capstone class never meets, and if we do we turn stuff in and leave. This is fine with me because it is all about being there if we need questions, and if we dont have them? Sweet..we leave. In my tech class we have been living in SecondLife which is something that I do not really like. I have a distaste for the program because delving into this is hard because it has no practical applications in my classroom. I want to learn about emerging technology but I also want it to be applicable to my classroom and my future students. I told the professor this and wam! the next class was totally different and we did not even go near SecondLife. I am a happy camper and I am trying to be a nice person who is not critical of the class all the time. Look at me. Go me.

As for work. Work is going well. I love my job. But there are some other things that are coming into play right now. I found out that the 4-6 week lay out for a sub licence in Oregon went down to 4-6 days. I love my job at housing, but I am wondering how much more money I could have made had I gone the sub route. Sarah made 600 this week... I make that in like 5 weeks. Sad times. We shall see. But, I have also not been working on relationships with teachers because I am not sticking around. Which is probably a mistake but o well.

When it comes to having a life it's totally different when I want to have a life. I currently have two: a weekday life and a weekend life. I have my weekday life where I come home, sit on my ass and pretend to do something. On the weekend I am usually seeing Eric. Either here in Eugene or in Portland. It seems that my weekends are limited quickly coming to an end. I have a limit of weekends left which is weird to me.

Although all this stuff is going on I have had some interesting event happen this week. The first of which was my car got stolen Monday morning. That's right, walk out to go to work and its GONE!!! Called the cops, file a report and went to work on the bus. On my way to class just hours later the cops called because they found my car. They very nicely gave me a ride to my car and it was ok... minus the radio and all the contents of the car. The second weird thing was the crazy lady. In walking around campus today, for work, and accidentally ran into a lady when I turned around. I admit we hit pretty hard, it gave me a fat lip. I apparently hit her really hard in her head... it happens we all think right? No... she took it as OMG I am going to die and have a concussion. She insisted on getting my information incase I caused something to her. I told her my name and gave her my cell phone. Then she insisted on calling my cell phone to make sure I gave her the correct information. Of course I did. I am an honest person, but serious? We freaking walked into each other. All I could think of on my way home was that she's gunna call me in six months and tell me I caused 30,000 dollars worth of medical bills (did I fail to mention that she informed me that she was in a car accident last year and knows what a concussion is) and I caused them all and need to pay for them. Needless to say it's been a weird week.

That is all for now I guess minus the NYC update to follow.

I am headed to NYC on June 10th, landing on the morning of the 11th. This will be a four day trip of Annie in NYC all alone. I will be attending a career fair in the Bronx on June 12th. The extra two days after the career fair are to make sure I can do extra interviews, school visits and demo lessons if needed. There are some different things that I am going to need....

List of what I need
*demo lesson ideas
*at least two interview outfits that can transform into three
*credit card!

If you want to know more about my flight or specific information let me know.
I will keep you up to date.

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