Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yet another term....

Ah, yet another term has started. Again, like many before this, it has already dissapointed me. Professors that are not professors. I guess I should greatful that we are part of a university that brings in teachers that are actually in the classroom to teach us, but come on. I'm a grad student, do I REALLY need to log my hours to show that I have earned my grade? The idea of grading is that you do assignments and you get a grade, not that you have to 'prove' you have earned your grade given the number of hours you spend on a class.

On top of that I have another teacher, who's class I have not even been to yet, that feels that everything should be online and having discussions online and having online communitites is the BEST thing ever. I have already been invited to our 'online community of educators'... I really do not care that much. I want to know technology, and the latest things out there, but our students are more likely to want to know how to use email and specific program rather than spending countless amount of time on a computer having discussions online that we could have in class. I don't know. We shall see I guess.

PS... side note. I am pretty sure I'll be going to nyc during finals week here, so look for updates and nerves!

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