Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back to it!!!

That's right... I'm back. I'm back from spring break, which was awesome, and back to school...well... work and school.

First, spring break was WAY fun. I didn't win any money, well, that I cam home with. But we had lots of fun in Reno just the two of us. Eric was sick the WHOLE trip but it was still fun. The I Dream of Jeanie machine loved me lots and lots. There was more than two times where I sat down and came out doubling or tripling my money, if not more. I'm proud of my self for going the whole week and coming back with 60 bucks left.

Now it's back to being a college student again. Well. Ok, not a real college student. I don't actually have a class until Wednesday night because my Monday and Wednesday afternoon class got canceled for the big teacher job fair in Portland today. Which of course I'm ok with, but I'd rather just get this whole thing started.

I'm back in the main housing office and loving it. It's so nice to be back. I love working here and having people like that I am around. I am working 20 hours a week here so that should be WAY fun.

The last big of BIG news is that I found out when I'm going to a career fair for NYC. The only one that I can go to without screwing up classes or camp is during finals week here. That's right... finals week. So, if I can what I am going to do is fly out of PDX Sunday night, landing in NYC Monday morning. Then I would spend Monday getting to know the city and where I need to be. The career fair is on Tuesday so I would do that. Then do what I need to do on Wednesday and Thursday, flying out Thursday at like 6pm. I'm hoping I'll have a job offer by the time I leave. But not leaving till Thursday night will give me time to visit and see schools, along with do a demo lesson if they need me to. From what it looks like right now, with plane ticket and hostel (staying in a hostel is super cheep) it will cost like 375 or so plus meals and stuffs. so I figure 500 for a trip to NYC for four days isn't horrible. It will all be tax deductible bc it's for a job which I am going to get so that's good. I just have to wait until this weekend to book the trip to make sure I don't have any finals or stuffs like that to compete with the trip. OMG ... I'm going to NYC!!!

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