Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ahh that time of year

As I freeze my ass off walking to and from school each day I hope for snow! Today I got my wish. Ok..well... it was really just a few flakes on the way to schol but it is a start!

Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences...my first official conferences by myself with my own kids. OMG! I am really not looking forward to an afternoon of parents non stop from 345 until 615..then a 15 minute break before two more sets come in. Thats right. I get fifteen minutes to myself between 1:20 pm and 7. Isn't that amazing. I guess it's why we went two months off a year because we work so much during the year.

And now... I must bid you farewell because I get the joy of working on lesson plans for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday tonight! Im not gunna wanna do Thursday tomorrow night and friday I ahve a sub since Ill be in the city for professional development...I want to have my lesson plans done by Thursday so that I dont have to worry about it! But I did want to let you all know Im alive!

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Anonymous said...

So, I am really bummed. You get snow before we do! It's been 60 degrees on the porch at 5am here in the woods of Oregon.....

Love ya