Monday, June 23, 2008

AHH...monday mornings...

SUCK!!! Then again... getting to bed before midnight would have made it not suck SO much. That's right. Midnight. O why you ask?

Because that's when I finally got home from Denver. I spent all week in Denver making sure my best friend didn't run away from her wedding weekend. That's weekend! Being Jewish they had a whole weekend of events.

Thursday- wedding! There were a bunch of Jewish customs that I didn't know but I went with the flow.

Friday- Dinner at the parents house. This is a weekly thing but celebrated even bigger when there is a special occasion, such as a wedding.

Saturday- Services in Hebrew. That's two hours of Hebrew with a brief 20 minutes in English. It was intersting to say the least, would have been better without a hangover but it was good.. I made it through. Then lunch... between services and lunch it was about 5 hours. Then a brief rest and back to festivities at 8pm for ice cream. More family fun (or craziness) however you want to say it. Then to bed..finally gettting a good nights sleep.

Sunday-brunch. The brunch went from 10 until 1230 when I had to take myself and the grooms mom to the airport. After being delayed and hour my flight was finally off the ground and I wasnt home till 1130. And then up for school at 615. Amazing hu!~?

Ok..time to actually go and pretent to sleep.... I mean teach!

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