Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forgetting A Step

It seems that the weather around here has forgotten a step.

Back home... when it snowed, the snow melted. Not a problem. Or the snow melted when it rained... not a problem. But when it snows the DAMN RAIN IS SUPPOSED TO MELT IT!!!

It is not supposed to rain cats and dogs while there is still snow on the ground. The freaking streets here are discusting. There is snow on all of the side walks and on the sides of the streets. Now that it's raining there is plenty of water around, under and on top of the damn slush. It is freaking rediculous. And because there is so much excess water, the puddles on the side of the streets go ut at least 2 feet if not 3 or 4. That also doesnt account for the slush in these side puddles that make it look like just a little bit of a puddle, only to be stepped in and go down like four inches!!!

Needless to say it was not fun to get to work this morning... and now I have a double prep with nothing to do!

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